Examples of M2M applications include:

  • Automotive

    Telematics that allow private and commercial vehicles to report location, engine management information, logistics tracking or provide driver services like remote assistance.


  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer electronics, such as e-readers and household appliances, that can transmit data and be monitored remotely.

    .Consumer Electronics

  • Consumer Goods

    Cash tills (EPOS) for electronic payment and stock control terminals that can link to supply chain systems.

    .Consumer Goods

  • Energy & Utilities

    Utility smart meters that relay consumption of gas or electricity every few seconds.

    .Energy & Utilities

  • Financial Services

    Credit card readers, cash tills (EPOS systems) for electronic payment or energy data management solutions across buildings.

    .Financial Services

  • Health

    Medical equipment that can monitor patients remotely, patient tracking devices and improved clinical research trials.


  • Manufacturing

    Asset tracking, remote monitoring, fleet management and environmental control


  • Public services

    Smart Cities where intelligent street lights guide emergency vehicles and include smart waste and water management, eMobility and intelligent building solutions.

    .Public services

  • Security

    Connected intelligent security for alarm systems, CCTV and asset tracking keep you constantly informed about status, without wires and even beyond the site perimeter.


  • Transport & Logistics

    Asset tracking and real-time information such as vehicle location, driver speeds, miles driven, fuel consumption and employee work time.

    .Transport & Logistics