M2M solutions provide efficient, cost-effective automated information gathering that is helping to drive significant operational efficiencies, make business processes and practices simpler and more cost efficient and helping energy and utility businesses to engage more with customers in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Connected cabinets and vending machines

M2M turns retail display cabinets into connected, intelligent assets able to report their location, operational status and stock levels in real time – and connects vending machines to provide detailed stock information for efficient stock management and delivery optimisation.

Connected cabinets

  • Supply chain management and stock control

    M2M supply chain solutions deliver real-time information on environmental conditions of goods, their location and reports of any violations to ensure product quality and protect against theft. M2M solutions also enable to monitor stock levels and automate replenishment.

    Monitoring and control

  • Asset tracking

    Efficiently managing critical business assets such as tools, supplies, equipment, fleet or products poses a significant challenge and can be a highly labour-intensive and costly process. With Vodafone’s Asset Tracking solutions businesses have real time visibility of assets and a single global view, putting the business back in control no matter where assets are. Our solutions utilise multiple positioning technologies, managed by our Machine to Machine platform and with Vodafone’s global mobile network at the core.

    Asset tracking

  • Energy data management

    M2M technology can help supermarkets, service stations, convenience stores and retail outlets to reduce ongoing energy costs and to meet sustainability targets by providing detailed, real-time energy consumption data.

    Energy data management

  • ATM's, POS terminals and ticketing

    M2M technology enables devices such as POS terminals, ATMs and ticketing machines to be used at new locations where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or impractical enabling quick and easy payment services.

    Car parks, railway stations, cinemas can provide ticket machines that accept card payment remotely, minimising queues at peak times and lowering service costs.

    Financial services

  • Fleet management

    At any given time, more than 15 million containers are travelling through international waters or waiting to clear customs. These deliveries face many risks including delays, diversion, theft, physical damage and even piracy. In the past, cross-continental transit typically meant loss of visibility. M2M logistics solutions are now being used to maintain a seamless overview of the physical location and status of vehicles and assets throughout the supply chain whose whereabouts are time-critical, and whose unavailability could affect revenue or customer satisfaction.

    Transport and logistics

  • Digital signage and advertising

    Push news or eye-catching advertisements to remote kiosks, electronic display boards and mobile screens displaying information such as location, time of day and passing traffic and boost sales through up-to-the-minute in-store shopping discounts based on personalised consumer needs.