Vodafone is helping our finance sector customers to evolve, delivering tangible value through innovative, M2M based technology solutions that address the challenges faced by the industry.

Usage based insurance

M2M technology allows insurers to move from a static to dynamic risk evaluation model and base premiums on actual behaviour. Organisations can therefore create a car insurance product priced by how customers drive to improve profitability of consumer automotive insurance and differentiate in the market.

>Telematics Usage Based Insurance

ATMs and banking machines

The financial services industry has started to move from connecting ATMs using a fixed line connection, towards mobile M2M solutions. The key drivers include a faster deployment and reduced downtime due to communications link being down. Mobile connectivity also enables the use of ATMs in temporary locations such as sports or music events creating new business opportunities for financial service providers.

Asset tracking & monitoring

Our asset management solutions enable real time tracking of valuable and time-critical assets to reduce theft, recover lost or stolen assets and increase operational efficiency.

>Asset Tracking & Monitoring

Energy data management

Energy management solutions across premises help reduce energy costs and meet sustainability targets.

>Energy Data Management