Smart M2M solutions are now being used to maintain a seamless overview of the physical location and status of vehicles and assets throughout the supply chain whose whereabouts are time-critical, and whose unavailability could affect revenue or customer satisfaction.

M2M Asset Tracking solutions provide details about the location and condition of containers, pallet or the actual goods in transit. Automatic alerts can be raised if there is an issue needing attention – such as unauthorized access to the goods or too high temperature. The supply chain becomes more efficient and offers opportunities that can deliver further competitive advantage.

As goods flow between trading partners and logistics providers around the world, M2M is being used to tackle the huge challenge of global product and asset visibility.

For the fleet manager, Fleet Management solutions delivers faster response times through more efficient job allocation, reduction in fuel costs due to shorter journeys and higher revenues as drivers can complete more jobs. Driver behaviour can also be monitored to encourage safer and more efficient driving and reduce insurance premiums.

For all companies in this sector M2M technology has been proven to help companies meet regulatory and corporate sustainability targets by reducing fuel use and carbon emissions.