The private motor insurance market has faced a number of long-term challenges. Relatively short purchasing cycles mean that motor insurance policies typically come up for renewal every six to 12 months. The industry has a high churn rate, and competition is fierce for the more profitable low-risk drivers in the more favourable geographies.

The removing of gender as an underwriting factor (EC Gender Directive) is beginning to have a major impact on premiums.

Profitability has been the main focus for many providers, with premiums being too low and claims inflation going through the roof.. There has been a concerted effort by the industry to rectify this by pushing through major increases in premium levels.

Consumers are now faced with a multitude of choices, with an array of insurance now available at their fingertips. It is essential for insurance providers to differentiate themselves in both marketing and sales processes from the competition if they want to attract new and also retain existing business.

Telematics Usage Based Insurance provides a solution.