Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)

The Partner Programme


The new Vodafone Global M2M Partner programme is free to join...

We've created it to make it as easy as possible for our M2M partner to provide customers with the best M2M solution in the market, with Vodafones input.

What's contained within the programme

Through the programme partners can:

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    Communicate with a dedicated Partner Manager in-person or online

    You will be assigned a dedicated Vodafone Partner Manager to work with throughout your partnership. He or she will be available to chat to online and also face-to-face. The Partner Programme website enables the exchange of both written and verbal information with your Partner Manager.

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    Gain access to confidential Vodafone M2M information under NDA

    Once you’ve signed a Non Disclosure Agreement confidential information from Vodafone will be available to you in password-protected sections online, according to your needs.

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    Receive online technical and commercial training

    Technical and commercial support from Vodafone specialists will be available to you, supported by the relevant technical or commercial Vodafone representative.

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    Obtain fast-tracked access to development tools (SDKs, device testing and APIs)

    The M2M Developer Programme provides access to developers, SIs, technologists, teachers, academics, and everyone in between who wants to get Machine to Machine-type devices connected to Vodafone's extensive global cellular network. As a member of the Partner Programme you’ll receive preferential, advanced access to the tools and trials, and also be provided with information under NDA online.

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    Obtain fast-tracked access to the terminal test and innovation centre

    The Vodafone Test & Innovation Centre in Germany will test and certify your wireless modules and terminals to help you ensure they comply with Vodafone global requirements and test criteria. The end result is your technology signed with a Vodafone certificate, demonstrating to our customers that you are a solid partner developing innovative M2M solutions with Vodafone.

    Access to the terminal test and innovation centre will be available to Partner Programme members, with preferential access provided. Results of the testing will be made available to customers to view and analyse.

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    Showcase partner M2M solutions to existing and potential Vodafone M2M customers

    Through the Partner Programme, not only will your Vodafone compliance test results be displayed to customers, but they will also be able to search for and find details of your offering through a searchable database. Information available to existing and potential Vodafone customers will include your name, description of your solution, market sector and any other supporting documentation that you’ve have uploaded into your Partner Programme account. Customers will also be able to easily contact you via Vodafone if interested in discussing a project further. Plus, there will be a ‘featured partner’ section on the website together with case studies showcasing integrated solutions.

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    Exchange ideas with Vodafone through dedicated development workshops

    Through your allocated Partner Manager you’ll have the opportunity of attending and initiating working sessions with Vodafone to discuss existing and potential development opportunities.

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    Collaborate with other Vodafone M2M Partners to create joint solutions

    Through the online database of Vodafone Global M2M Partners you will be able to search and find other partners with whom you could collaborate. We’re happy to put you in touch with any fellow programme members you’re interested in contacting – just let us know.