Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)

What is M2M

What is M2M

Vodafone Machine-to-Machine connects machines, devices and appliances wirelessly to the internet, turning them into intelligent assets that open up a range of possibilities for how businesses are run, how they grow and keep customers happy.

At a glance

Put simply, M2M communications are made possible by a device (such as a sensor) that is attached to a machine to capture an event that is relayed over a network delivering data to applications. The intelligent sensors are embedded in a remote asset and capture events such as temperature, location, consumption, heart rate, stress levels, light, movement, altitude and speed. These sensors include a SIM card that is able to receive and transmit the event data wirelessly to a central server where an Application translates this data into meaningful information that can be analysed and acted upon e.g the temperature is too hot, turn temperature down.

M2M communications can be used to gain immediate feedback on how a particular remote asset is being used, which features are most popular and what problems such as errors or breakdowns typically arise. This information is useful for shortening the lead-time to an improved or updated version or offering proactive services, thereby providing a competitive edge. When applied to people, M2M communications can help to protect lone workers or vulnerable children, be used to find a missing person and to help improve lives by ensuring the correct medicines are being taken.


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