Vodafone prepares Prosa to capitalise on global telemetry opportunities

Case studies 13 February 2014

Vodafone prepares Prosa to capitalise on global telemetry opportunities

Business need

In less than 15 years, Prosa has transformed from a software consultancy to hardware manufacturer, seeing its products installed on high-end motorcycles and drinks fountains. To support new product innovation it needed an international M2M solution that could provide performance, scalability and price transparency.


Vodafone Global M2M Platform provides an international M2M solution integrated into Prosa devices. It ensures standard pricing, regardless of territory, global coverage and a simple configuration.

Business benefits

  • Real-time monitoring reduces maintenance visits and costs, and delivers optimum performance for customers' machines
  • Allows food & drink customers to map sales and marketing performance across fountain, cooler and vending points of purchase
  • Consistent pricing, global coverage and simple configuration enables Prosa to map an international expansion strategy
  • Access to Vodafone's Global M2M community provides international business support, joint branding opportunities and access to networking events
We understood the benefits of the Global M2M Platform immediately. It’s a ready-made international solution. Alberto Pravato, CEO & Founder, Prosa

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    M2M technologies are creating huge opportunities to reduce costs and deliver real value across a whole range of services and industries.
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