Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking

Locate and track assets in real-time to increase operational efficiency, reduce theft and recover lost or stolen assets.

Efficiently managing critical business assets such as tools, supplies, equipment, fleet or products poses a significant challenge and can be a highly labour-intensive and costly process. Additionally, the theft, loss, breakdown or delay in delivery of assets can have huge financial implications - loss of working time, delays in production, the expense of hiring in alternative equipment and increased insurance premiums.

  • Keeping Control of your assets

    Find out how machine to machine technology from Vodafone can ensure your business can effectively manage critical assets

With increasing competition demanding greater flexibility and process efficiency, the inability to track and recover assets due to poor process controls and lack of automation can have a significant impact. Businesses need to look at how they can do more with less – how they can automate manual processes, increase efficiencies, reduce theft and loss and optimise uptime and utilisation of assets.

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