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Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Consumer Electronics

Connectivity is no longer just considered to be an added luxury for consumers – it has become a requirement as consumers become more demanding in the services they expect. Therefore a new generation of intelligent consumer devices, such as eReaders, cameras and health monitors, connected wirelessly to the internet are becoming part of everyday life.

These connected consumer products are helping to make the lives of consumers easier, more productive and more affordable.

As such the consumer goods industry is under continuous pressure to develop new and innovative products and services to increase revenue and satisfaction as well as to increase operational efficiency through cost reduction and process improvement.

Pre-provisioned and ready-to-use global SIMs are now available that can be fully integrated in the manufacturing and distribution process with a single ‘bill of material’ making them ideal for consumer goods manufactured in one country and then shipped to another, or where the final destination may not be known at time of manufacture.

M2M Asset tracking

M2M track and trace solutions provide access to real-time data that can be used to track the location of goods and assets such as raw materials, consumables and spare parts that may have been too remote or too costly to track before, This provides vital information that can be used to maximise efficiency, optimise operations and reduce costs.

M2M Asset tracking

M2M monitoring solutions

For manufacturers of consumer goods M2M presents a unique market opportunity to form a one-on-one link with customers, nurture closer relationships, and ultimately gain usage and opinion-based consumer feedback that could lead to substantial product design developments and ultimately deliver a huge competitive advantage.

M2M monitoring solutions

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