Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)

The Importance of Partners

importance of partners

Growing business together...

With our partners, we can create compelling new products and services and help companies easily connect to their devices, their customers and their systems to improve efficiency, increase sustainability and create greater competitive advantage.

Here at Vodafone we integrate fully with Machine to Machine partners to provide end-to-end M2M solutions for thousands of customers globally across 120 networks. This integration enables customers to use Vodafone and our partners as a one-stop-shop for all of their M2M capabilities, with global contracting and relationship management services.

Who do we partner with and how?

One of our main areas of focus is linking up with other players in the value chain to provide a solution that meets the precise needs of the customer within many sectors and markets including:

We’re in partnership with established, recognised national and global M2M Systems Integrators such as:

and working with them to integrate solutions in many vertical markets.

We also work with such SI’s and IT implementers to add deep device-level visibility and diagnostics capabilities.

European-based companies are also partners, adding service enablement features such as device level diagnostics, data analytics, and software updates, irrespective of the industry.

Additionally we have established relationships with module vendors such as Digi and Sierra Wireless for pre-integrated M2M bundles.

Our aim is to leverage existing partner relationships and build new ones, to offer customers as many tailored M2M capabilities & solutions as possible to meet their business challenges.

That’s why partners are so important to Vodafone. They help us deliver a wide range of quality M2M solutions to address specific customer business needs.