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Vodafone Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Why Vodafone Machine-to-Machine

Vodafone brings together unrivalled capabilities – the world's largest mobile network, an outstanding customer experience and a long track record of success – which means our customers are confidently connected, receive unmatched services and customer experience and benefit from proven expertise.

Regardless of whether you need an end-to-end solution or M2M managed connectivity, Vodafone will enable you to harness the full potential of M2M technology and keep your organisation ahead of the game.

Our network

Vodafone is the world's leading mobile telecommunication company, with a significant presence in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the United States, through the Company's subsidiary undertakings, joint ventures, associated undertakings and investments. Together with partnerships with other MNOs, this allows us to have direct influence and control over our network design and functionality.

Our global SIM

Vodafone is able to provide a global SIM to support your M2M capabilities and applications across the globe. By providing a global SIM that is pre-provisioned and ready to use, we can significantly reduce the complexity of installation, distribution and deployment of your M2M solutions.

Acting as a local SIM wherever it roams, a global SIM means that you have only one tariff and one M2M supplier to manage, allowing you to plan your investments accurately and predict your costs. With Vodafone you can be confident that our solution is supported by a bespoke service level agreement specifically built to suit the individual needs of your business.

End to end solutions

We can bring together and manage all the elements of an M2M deployment, whether global or national from consultancy and project management through to the supply of pre-configured connected terminals, systems integration and data collection and analysis.

Global M2M Platform

Our own, world leading Global M2M Platform provides a central point of control for all your M2M connections and lets you centrally activate, suspend and deactivate SIMs at the click of a button. It can be tailored for customers' individual needs. Modular in design, our Global M2M Platform is future proofed to protect your investment in M2M and ensure that you can take advantage of new developments, such as the introduction of fourth generation networks (LTE).

Strategic partnerships

Vodafone Global M2M works in partnership with the world's leading hardware and application suppliers and systems integrators. When you choose Vodafone M2M you can be confident that we will bring together the right mix of partners across the value chain, the exact project components and then to make sure they work seamlessly over our global network. You need only deal with one supplier – Vodafone – for all your needs, making it easier for you to implement a complex M2M projects.

Quality assurance and testing

Vodafone Global M2M follows a rigorous approach to quality assurance and testing to ensure the best possible solution for your business and enable any potential issues to be identified up-front prior to major rollout. We have an in-house test and innovation centre in Dusseldorf to ensure that your M2M hardware works seamlessly and trouble free with our network.

One price regardless of deployment

We offer a flexible range of commercial models specifically designed for M2M, including attractive tariffs for international data roaming that allow you to effectively forecast and manage costs, without having to worry about roaming charges, and a predictable price model per application calculated on average usage per user.

Specifically designed for the low data volumes and short session lengths associated with M2M communications, our commercial solutions will enable you to simplify the management and complexity of your M2M deployment.

Bespoke Service Level Agreements

Your M2M solution will be supported by an M2M Service Level Agreement, which guarantees performance levels across the globe, and provides greater transparency and predictability of costs.

You can benefit from our extensive experience in the M2M arena and the vast knowledge we have accumulated. Our M2M technology has already been deployed across a broad range of industries, including automotive, consumer goods, energy and utilities, financial services, health, manufacturing, public sector, retail, security and transport and logistics.

A global dedicated team

We have an experienced, dedicated global team of over 250 technical architects, solutions consultants, service delivery managers and industry experts to support you every step of the way. A dedicated team will support you and act as your single point of contact within Vodafone. We can also provide helpdesk-to-helpdesk support 24/7 to support your own internal helpdesk teams.

Leading the way

Vodafone Global M2M takes first place for overall excellence in leading telecoms analyst reports, such as Current Analysis, Machina Research and Analysys Mason. Current Analysis recently positioned Vodafone M2M as a leader in the global M2M services market in its report "M2M Service Providers: How They Stack Up in 2012".

Reference Customers

We have a long track record of success in delivering some of the world's most prominent and successful M2M projects. These projects have transformed operations and driven new business models. Go to Case Studies to view some of our customer references.

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Our Code of Conduct

Reporting concerns

All employees and contractors have a duty to report any breaches of our Code of Conduct, which is known as our "Speak Up" policy. We have launched a global external reporting scheme which allows employees and contractors to report through a third party. This new process enables us to consolidate existing whistle blowing practice in local markets, increases visibility and ensures consistency of approach in responding to concerns raised from across the organisation. Concerns may be reported anonymously and the protection of innocent people is our priority at all times. People can identify themselves to our external partner using a PIN and receive feedback. Vodafone has a non-retaliation policy and will not take any action against anyone reporting a genuine concern, even if this is proven not to result in a breach of compliance.

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