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Bglobal and Vodafone deliver cost and carbon savings with Smart Metering

Case studies 1 January 2011

Bglobal is a UK company that helps businesses manage energy consumption through smart metering. It has worked with Vodafone to develop a machine to machine (M2M) solution which can help businesses to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions.

Business need

Businesses are under increasing pressure to cut energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. To take Vodafone's situation as an example, electricity consumption is a major issue for us worldwide. In the UK, the company has 12,000 base stations, with an annual electricity bill of around £20 million. Most are unmanned with restricted access, making manual meter reading difficult and estimated bills often an inevitability.

We see Vodafone as a partner not just a supplier. The reliability and resilience of the GPRS backbone network has been excellent.

Tony Stiff, Commercial Director, Bglobal

The solution

We installed remote Automated Meter Reading (AMR) equipment in our base stations to monitor electricity consumption. The equipment takes a reading every 30 minutes, which is transmitted over Vodafone's network to the collection point at Bglobal's headquarters. As well as now receiving accurate invoices, we've been able to make more informed energy management decisions and put in place measures to reduce consumption.

Key customer benefits

  • Vodafone has saved at least £2 million annually on its UK energy bills.
  • Carbon emissions at the Vodafone base stations have been reduced, in line with the UK's Carbon Reduction Commitment.
  • The smart meters paid for themselves in less than a year.

Download the full case study

  • Bglobal

    Download the case study • 656KB

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