Intelligent transport

M2M technology makes transport systems more efficient, optimising bus schedules to match capacity to demand, providing real-time transport information at the point of use. It keeps passengers informed and vehicles equipped with telemetric connections can collect data on their own performance and send alerts when issues are detected.

Transport and logistics

Remote monitoring and control

M2M solutions can allow local authorities to keep an eye on everything through remote monitoring and even simplify daily maintenance by automating tasks including remote parking controls on parking lots, selective street light activation, raising gates and bridges, increasing flows of drinking water or monitoring waste levels. These solutions can reduce costs, enable new charging models and significantly reduce the CO2 produced.

M2M monitoring solutions

Asset tracking

M2M can track people, objects and incidents to ensure security in hazardous circumstances, impose curfews, enforce no-go areas and even remotely monitor blood alcohol and drug levels.

M2M Asset tracking