With Vodafone’s Asset Tracking solutions businesses have real time visibility of assets and a single global view, putting the business back in control no matter where assets are. Our solutions utilise multiple positioning technologies, managed by our Machine to Machine platform and with Vodafone’s global mobile network at the core.

Depending on your particular environment and the type of mobile equipment or materials to be tracked we can provide a range of tracking solutions to meet your needs. All of this means you can automate previously manual processes, increase efficiency, reduce theft and loss, optimise uptime and increase the effective utilisation of your assets.

Vodafone offers our customers a truly global solution in that we can design, deploy and provide dedicated support and managed service capability for our Asset Tracking solutions globally. Our best of breed partner network enables us to define and deliver the best asset tracking solutions for our customers’ needs. And with unparalleled M2M experience of more than 20 years and a global team of M2M specialists, we can help you optimise your mobile asset portfolio wherever you operate.