Our Managed Connectivity Solution brings together:

Our Network

With the world’s biggest, fully-owned network and strong partner alliances, Vodafone M2M provides our customers with distinct advantages, including flexible commercial models, simplified management and, crucially, commitments to service quality.


Our Global M2M Platform

A centrally hosted, secure self-service platform which delivers authentication and access control, and near real-time usage and management of any Global SIM, on any Vodafone and Vodafone M2M Partner mobile network anywhere in the world. It has an easy-to-use web ‘self-service’ interface that allows you to access the vital management information.


Our Global SIM

We provide pre-provisioned and ready to- use SIMs and solderable M2M SIM chips that can be fully integrated in manufacturing and distribution processes with a single ‘bill of material’. Ideal for M2M solutions where devices manufactured in one country may be shipped to another, or where the final destination may not be known at time of manufacture, our global SIMs and SIM chips mean that you do not need to buy local cellular connectivity or worry about roaming costs.