Vodafone Automotive is a leading provider of automotive products and services, from simple solutions that offer ease of navigation and straightforward vehicle diagnostics, to innovative, value-added services that bring a new level of driving experience, our M2M solutions are helping to redefine the customer relationship and present opportunities to generate revenue and competitive advantage.

Vehicle Relationship Management services (vRM)

Vehicle Relationship Management services (vRM) are re-defining the customer relationship and making it possible for OEMs and dealers to offer revenue generating value-added services such as stolen vehicle tracking and location based anti-theft applications.

Fleet management services

Fleet management services are helping to encourage more efficient and safer driving, optimise route planning, quicken response times, improve efficiency and maximise fleet utilisation.

Usage based insurance

Usage based insurance helps to reduce insurance premiums and address issues, which have previously been immeasurable such as accountability, health and safety, duty of care and efficiency.

Safety, security and convenience services

Safety, security and convenience services such as eCall and bCall that send out location and diagnostic information and bring rapid roadside assistance in the case of an accident or breakdown are helping OEMs to meet regulations and save lives.

Infotainment services

Infotainment services such as live traffic information, weather forecasts, always-on access to the internet and business applications including email, real-time connected navigation systems and roadside displays based on location are all helping to improve the driving experience and make sure drivers complete their journeys as efficiently as possible.

Remote Diagnostics and maintenance services

Remote Diagnostics and maintenance services that enable vehicles to self-diagnose mechanical failures and identify issues before they arise.