Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)



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M2M Partner Programme members can gain fast-tracked access to resources within the Vodafone Developer Programme.

The Vodafone Machine to Machine Developer Programme in another resource M2M Partner Programme members can access. It’s for the global developer community creating M2M applications using Vodafone’s M2M platform, products and services.

What does the Vodafone Developer Programme consist of?

The Developer Programme provides customers with a range of information and support resources to help them accelerate M2M application and solution delivery.

Members of the M2M Partner Programme can gain fast-tracked access to all of these resources such as:

  • An active portal containing documentation and best practice developer guides that is integrated with the wider Vodafone Developer communities
  • Application starter packs for a variety of development environments
  • Access to hardware starter packs
  • Access to test harness facilities
  • Community & collaboration facilities
  • On-demand resources for commercial projects

Accessing the Vodafone Developer Programme enables access to information targeted at the widest possible developer audience.

Partners with specific development projects are also able to use the programme to gain access to professional support resources with deep industry and technical knowledge in order to support their projects.

How do I join?

Want to find out more about the programme or register for membership? Contact us using the link below.