Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)

Our M2M Commitment

our m2m commitment

Our commitment to M2M and you ...


Our commitment is second-to-none. And this is why ...

In conjunction with our Vodafone M2M partners, our joint M2M solutions have made us the leading operator in the global M2M services market.*

Since 2009 (when we launched our Global M2M Platform and created a dedicated Machine to Machine team) together we have jointly created an installed base of millions of connections.

Our commitment to the continuing success in this area is strongly indicated by our investment in people and resources. We have a dedicated customer service and partner management organisation and technically-knowledgeable sales and implementation teams who help with proof-of-concept and the live and simulated network testing of third-party devices/applications: the M2M group at Vodafone comprises an extensive - and expanding - team of customer-facing sales employees and wide and dedicated network of engineering, platform development and R&D personnel in our development labs worldwide.

The Vodafone Global M2M Partner Programme is a way of harnessing the support from Vodafone and making it available to our M2M partners, to facilitate collaborative working and continue to develop innovative M2M solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

*Source, Analysys Mason report – Dec 2011.

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