Spillsure readies ‘globally unique’ solution for domestic oil efficiency

Case studies 04 March 2014

Spillsure readies ‘globally unique’ solution for domestic oil efficiency.

Business need

There are 828,000 households in England heated by oil. The only way any of these householders can measure how much oil they have left is to lower a bamboo dipstick into the tank. This is both inaccurate and cumbersome. Alan Smith, Founder of Spillsure Solutions, says he is sitting on a “globally unique solution” to this problem.


An ultra-sonic device fitted to the tank (installation time: five minutes) monitors oil levels every 30 minutes. This information is relayed to a modem using a Vodafone M2M SIM. The modem then updates the householders’ web page each day (www.check-my-tank.com), sending alerts when oil levels pass certain minimums. The homepage also acts as a price comparison site for local oil suppliers, allowing the householder to order at the best price. This information can be viewed from any internet-enabled device. There are apps for the iPhone and Android devices.

Business benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of oil levels reduces consumers’ fuel costs, allowing householders to buy fuel in advance, avoiding emergency charges
  • Allows oil suppliers to map consumer usage, improving capacity planning and the effectiveness of direct marketing
  • Consistent pricing, global coverage and simple configuration enables Spillsure to plan international expansion strategy
Many of these homes are in remote, rural locations. Vodafone has excellent coverage in the areas we want to target, but we’ll be using Vodafone’s coverage map to make sure householders are covered. Alan Smith, Founder, Spillsure Solutions

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