Vodafone Machine-to-Machine(M2M)



Global aging demographics and a worldwide chronic disease epidemic are driving a vast economic cost burden to healthcare. This is forcing healthcare providers to find new ways to maintain the current quality of patient care. Moving costs and care away from the hospital and primary care environment, we are providing a modern approach to healthcare through our Remote Care Services solutions. In three core areas, Condition ManagementHospital to Home, and Assisted Living, we are not only addressing productivity and cost challenges, but also enabling improvements in both patient care and quality of life for patients. M2M monitoring and tracking solutions also help to maintain medical and lab equipment more effectively through real-time notification of potential issues.

In the area of clinical research, Vodafone M2M health solutions offer a more effective way of collecting data to speed up testing and compliance, reduce development time and enhance the quality of information used in bringing a new and effective treatment to market.


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